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Jake Runestad,
Award-winning composer




And a note from the composer about his composition "Nyon Nyon" ...

“Sleep, Little Baby, Sleep,” by Jake Runestad featured beautifully shaped and soothing lines that made this lullaby a gem.
Northwest Reverb (Oregon) ~ January 4, 2014

The 27-year-old Runestad has already received commissions from ensembles around the country. It’s worth keeping an eye on this young composer as his career unfolds in the coming years. 
The Sun Break (Seattle) ~ December 22, 2013
Jake Runestad’s "I Will Lift Mine Eyes" was a lovely piece indeed, an outstanding example of modern choral composition.
Classical Voice of North Carolina ~ February 29, 2012

“Nyon Nyon" is an exploration of the effects that one can produce with the human voice. I created original words to achieve varieties of colors and mixed and matched them within the ensemble to produce a diverse sonic landscape. Incorporating effects similar to a flanger, wah-wah pedal, drum and bass, and synthesizers turns the choir into a full-fledged vocal orchestra.
Jake Runestad
~ Composer & Conductor




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